• Ilija Studen
  • Eyal Leave
    Vice President


  • Sasa Stefanovic
    Head of Sugar Department
  • Almin Lisic
    Head of Oils, Oilseeds & Grains Department
  • Sasa Studen
    Head of Coffee & General Trading
  • Enis Suljkanovic
    Head of Operations & Risk Management


  • Hassan Alabas
    Distribution Director for the Middle East & Africa region
  • Dzenan Mujezinovic
    Country Manager
  • Amir Kukuruz
    Country Manager
  • Enis Cikotic
    Country Manager


  • Ratko Pazur
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Zijada Mesanovic Jasencic
    Head of Finance Department
  • Fatima Karamujic - Lisic
    HR Manager
  • Natasa Pucar
    Head of Communications Department
  • Idriss Dahbi
    Head of Business Development
  • Ana Studen
    Business Development Manager
  • Daniela Rego
    Business Development Manager
  • Helena Bijelic Bajic
    Head of Quality Management
  • Rainer Brinskele
    Legal Council